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Undercover security officers can be used to help stop business crimes such as shoplifting or at events to help prevent people from disturbing peaceful situations. Undercover security officers are also known as loss prevention officers and many retail stores use them to ensure that people who are stealing get caught. If there is a shoplifter in a store they are more likely to be cautious in their attempt to steal if they see a uniformed security officer. However if they think that there is no one around to stop them, then they put their guard down and are open to getting caught, and that is where the undercover or loss prevention security officer comes to play. They are disguised as employees or other shoppers making the shoplifters believe that they are on easy street. When the time comes where the shoplifter shows the intent to steal the store property then the officer detain the thief and call the local police immediately.

Undercover security officers are also often used by celebrity security personal who wish to seem as though they are not protected as to maintain their public image but are heavily secured by security officers, but no one can tell. They are great for events, parties, transportation, or public appearances. 

Several things to take into consideration when hiring undercover security officers are the following:

1. When will the undercover security officers be there?


2. How many undercover security officers should you have?


3. Do the undercover security officers know who to contact in case of emergency,


4. Does the undercover security officer have the proper equipment for the proper situation?


5. There are plenty of other things that should be considered when hiring an undercover security officer.

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