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Special events consist of many people and also a lot of the time has alcohol involved. Special event security officers should always be present at these events. Special event security officers can monitor everyone and know who is coming in or going out throughout the night. Special event officers can also monitor the event grounds as well to make sure everything is running smoothly.

Event security requires careful planning. We offer perimeter protection, ticket collectors, and parking attendants to suit any type of event... Our security officers can operate in teams providing a safe environment for an enjoyable experience.

A1 Top Notch Security specializes in securing events that require a high profile security presence. Whether you are hosting a sporting match, concert, or other entertainment event, it is important that the spectators who attend are focused on enjoying themselves and not preoccupied with worrying about their safety.

Consumer examples include trade shows, exhibitions, sporting events, live music concerts, conferences and weddings. Security techniques are tailored to fit the need.

A1 Top Notch Security provides each client with a management team specifically tailored to meet the needs of your event. A1 Top Notch Security prides itself on providing experienced account managers who have proven track records in event security.

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