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The use of armed security officers to protect employees, customers and assets is becoming more frequent in today's business environment.

Due to the dangers associated with this job, all armed security officers must be properly trained in handgun safety, as well as, the use of force contingent.

A1 Top Notch Security provides uniformed armed security officers for situations that call for an armed presence.

Our security officers are able to effectively utilize their skills and experience and put it to use in the best interest of your company or organization. Background checks are performed on all personnel.

A1 Top Notch Security will coordinate and closely manage the efforts of our security personnel to effectively meet your needs.

Often times when people want to order security officers the first thing they think is that I want to get an armed security officer. But there are several questions that you must ask yourself prior to getting an armed security officer.

1. Is someone’s life in imminent danger?

2. Are there items of high value that need to be protected?

3. Is there constant crime in the area?


An armed security officer would be perfect for the transportation or recover of high end jewelry or large sums of cash. If there is an executive, celebrity, or a person who has a stalker that has threatened them.

If you have a store that has been constantly robbed or encountered burglaries, the mere presence of an armed security officer would deter potential criminals.

It is very important when hiring an armed security officer to make sure that they are properly trained, carry the right permits.

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