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A1 Top Notch Security believes that executive protection should encompass more than a presence. Our personnel are trained to be interactive facilitators; to professionally ensure that all aspects of the client's protection and security are addressed.

Whether you're a celebrity doing a brief appearance, a dignitary on vacation or a corporate executive participating in a week-long conference. A1 Top Notch Security is always prepared to provide all required security services.

Executives of any corporation or business have incredible amounts of responsibility on their shoulders and because of that often times find themselves a target, so they must resort to hiring executive protection security officers. These executives should be protected and secure at all times. Executive security officers can help prevent assaults, hassling, disturbance etc. There have been countless of times whether it is in government or business that many people have disagreed with these executives and have not liked their ideas, and unfortunately has lead to assaults and even deaths.

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